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Information about e-residency

Since 2014, a foreign national have had opportunity to apply for an e-Residency in Estonia. An e-resident receives a digital ID card, which allows to sign documents and use e-services. The card can be used for logging in banks, trade register and many other e-services. In Estonia, most contracts are signed digitally. E-residency benefit people who already have connections to Estonia but do not live in the country. Such persons could be for example foreign investors.

Apply for e-residency

To apply for e-residency, the applicant must visit the Police and Border Guard  (PPA) or apply online. At the customer service point, the applicant must provide fingerprints and a passport image. A qualifying photo can be taken at the photo booth at the service point. Applications made through the Internet must be accompanied by a scanned copy of your passport and a photograph. Application processing time is approximately 30 days. It should be noted that e-residency as such has no impact on the holders taxation. Also the card cannot be used as a travel document or as an identity document. It is simply a tool to sign and login to different governmental systems. The card is currently priced at € 100 and will be renewed every three years.

E-residency cards could be picked up from Estonian embassies internationally or from PPA customer service points.

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